Our Story

We love good vibes and we love fashion. It’s pretty straight forward. We create trends that are stylish and spiritually uplifting. Our shirts specifically have two key components in mind. Give the wearer a vibrant look and feel and give the looker an uplifting quote to brighten their day.

The founder of this brand (Arthur Grigoryan) had a saying which inspired this whole start up. The saying went like this.  “No matter which direction we face. We face our back towards the other half. Give those who face you something to smile about.”

Our brand name was inspired by some Buddhist beliefs, where Buddha stands for those who are enlightened and see the world as it is and as it can be and Go stands for those who are actively inspiring and making this world as beautiful as it should be.

We love people who love people and who see the opportunity in this beautiful world that we are gifted. Our goal is to steer clouds and brighten your day. So if you are a BuddhaGo like us? Then welcome HOME.

Our Team

Arthur Grigoryan



Uplifting clothing, jewelry and much more. Great gifts for your loved ones and for yourself.


 We love to share the love. Whether by donating to certain charities or creating a positive environment through our clothing and accessories. We love to share the love.


We believe that the world is full of energy that flows through man. Good energy received must equal to good energy shared. We are always looking to give back whether it is on a personal level or on a larger scale.

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